Meet the team

The Meribel Conciegerie’s team

Behind the scene at Meribel Conciergerie, it is a story of friendship: young, dedicated and complementary professionals!

Fabrice, Managing Director

Young and enthusiastic, Fabrice gained his experience in the property rentals business due to his family chalet in Meribel, which he rents out through Airbnb. He joined Olivier’s team early on, originally to lead a survey that led to the creation of the company during the summer 2017.

He firstly manage the commercial side before taking the managing direction during the summer 2020.

With unbounded energy and a good sense of humour to match, Fabrice is the main point of contact for our owners.

+336 86 32 69 26

Bruno, President

A sportsman which a strong love of the mountains, Bruno came to the Meribel Valley for both the professional challenge and his love of outdoor sports. When he is not at the office, you can be sure to find him on his skis, out on his mountain bike or rock climbing at a local crag.

As the director of the business, he manages a large portion of the administrative duties on top of the IT side of the company; including the website, SEO, online marketing and communication. He is also the photographer who takes the photos of your property to ensure it looks its best in the advert.

Perfectly complementing the skills of Fabrice, together they form a duo that drive the daily work of Meribel Conciegerie.

+336 81 79 52 62


Accomodation quality manager

Martin manages all the operations of the firms: cleaning organization, linen orders, relationship with suppliers… He talks a lot with owners about their planing, their need for cleaning or what’s important in the apartment / chalet.

Well organized and meticulous, his mission is mission is essential for the good conduct of the company.

Pierre-Yann Meribel Conciergerie

Assistant accomodation quality manager

Pierre-Yann aka “PY” is our beloved intern. Motivated and dedicated, he is helping Martin to ensure the good organization of the cleaning and laundry

jules responsable relation client meribel conciergerie

Customer relationship manager

Jules is helping the guests all along their customer journey: from their booking to their travel back. He is providing extra services with ski passes, ski hire, restaurants…

Really patient, he knows like no one caring about our customers and always find solutions to their problems!

jules responsable relation client meribel conciergerie


Raph is here to help all the company’s departments: helping Jules to host clients or Martin and PY to make the operations run smooth

Raph is also our dev to build tailored solutions for Meribel Conciergerie

Hall of Fame

Even if they are not anymore members of the team, we would like to pay a tribute to our founding fathers


Olivier is the original creator of the project and recruited Fabrice, Bruno and Adrien to the team to help carry out the adventure.

So a BIG thank you to “the youngest of us” and we wish you good luck on your new position with the Association of the 3 Vallees. 



He left his beloved Canada to start the company. Entrepreneur at heart, his devotion to make everything roll had a huge impact on our success. Always looking for new challenges, he left for news horizon at fall 2020.

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