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Meet the team at Meribel Conciegerie

We take pride in the approachable and professional nature of our team! Our young and dynamic experts are recruited on values such as respect, realiability and conviviality. We place high importance on these values to ensure great working relationships with both owners and guests. 

Our team is friendly and easy to talk to. Please don’t hesitate to come and meet us!


Young and enthusiastic, Fabrice gained his experience in the property rentals business due to his family chalet in Meribel, which he rents out through Airbnb. He joined Olivier’s team early on, originally as an adviser to owners: helping owners improve their adverts, offering services to help with rentals, explaining applicable taxes and helping with pricing. 

Fabrice now manages the commercial side of Meribel Conciegerie. 

With unbounded energy and a good sense of humour to match, Fabrice is the main point of contact for our owners. 

+336 86 32 69 26



An entrepreneur at heart, Adrien draws on solid experience he gained from Montreal, where he set up his own conciergerie. 

Due to his love of the resort, he decided to take the opportunity offered by Meribel Alpina to help shape the direction of Meribel Conciergerie. 

Dedicated, responsive and friendly, Adrien is very meticulous in his work. He cares for all our clients apartments as if they were his own and has an extremely strong work ethic. Adrien pours his heart and soul into his work to ensure we provide the best service possible. 

His mission summed up? To make sure your stay in Meribel unforgettable!

+336 60 22 90 22



A sportsman which a strong love of the mountains, Bruno came to the Meribel Valley for both the professional challenge and his love of outdoor sports. When he is not at the office, you can be sure to find him on his skis, out on his mountain bike or rock climbing at a local crag.

As the director of the business, he manages a large portion of the administrative duties on top of the IT side of the company; including the website, SEO, online marketing and communication. He is also the photographer who takes the photos of your property to ensure it looks its best in the advert.

Perfectly complementing the skills of Fabrice and Adrien, together they form a trio that drive the daily work of Meribel Conciegerie.

+336 81 79 52 62



Even if he is no longer a part of the team, Olivier definitely deserves a mention here. He was the original creator of the project and recruited Fabrice, Adrien and Bruno to the team to help carry out the adventure.

So a BIG thank you to “the youngest of us” and we wish you good luck on your new position with the Association of the 3 Vallees. 


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